The Story & People Behind Universal Coffee


Universal Coffee was founded in 2014, and comes with a long, rich history...

Alexander has been surrounded by coffee all of his life. Growing up in Costa Rica, his father Jose both owned a farm & coffee plantations, and had worked in coffee processing companies for over 35 years – making them true experts in their field.

In 1998, Alexander and his father worked together on the family's small coffee farm. In just a few years, their farm would become an experimental, fully sustainable project made up of different agricultural activities, with an emphasis on growing organic coffee, run by the international university agronomic CATIE.  With the success
obtained by their project after eight years of work, Oregon State University took an interest, and in 2005 had asked
Alexander to share his experience with their department of agriculture program.


As an continuation of the Patio de Águila Organic Farm (his family coffee farm) Alex and his wife Linda opened their first Coffee shop in Albany, Oregon.

Universal Coffee's main goal is to return to the model of original coffees, specialty coffees, and to bring excellent organic coffee beans to the community.


Alexander Contreras

Alex's father instilled in him at an early age to be a man of firm faith, to fight for life, and to be entrepreneurial in order to be useful to the community around him.

Alex holds many talents. One with being very skilled in guitar, with 20 years of study in the musical arts - graphic design in the Catholic Apostolic and Roman form, and then later turning his attention to teaching at Universities. While he's not tending to coffee, he can be seen with his favorite sport Shotokan Karate.

Juan   Ruiz

Juan was born in Oaxaca Mexico. At an very early age, Juan has always been in tune with the natural world - coming from a Sheppard's family, he grew up humbly herding his family's sheep on the farm.


From there, Juan met Alex during his high school years in one of their mutual guitar classes in 2005, and the two quickly became good friends. He then joined the Universal Coffee family and quickly climbed the ranks due to his extensive knowledge of coffee.

In 2019, he received his certificate in business, specializing  in social media. Juan is now in charge of management, and administrative duties at Universal Coffee.

Juan enjoys bowling, loves classic rock, and is a huge fan of the Oregon Ducks